Microgaming Just Launched The Wild Orient Slot Machine

wild-orient-slot-logoThis new Microgaming title full of jungles and fun wild animals set to release in May 2016. The main characters from this game are some of the wild fauna from Asian’s east and southeast, including monkeys, elephants, panda bears, Bengal tigers, and more.

Even though this game is not bringing an inspiring theme, what will truly attract the players to Wild Orient will be its special features.

This title’s developers are true pioneers of the industry have had a long history of huge progressive jackpots and great payouts to their players holding the record for the world’s second biggest progressive jackpot payout, having paid 13 million pounds last year, to the winner of the Mega Moolah Mega jackpot.

What We Love

It might seem pretty traditional, because Microgaming presents Wild Orient with traditional paylines, but the combination system is slightly different in this title. The combination system is based on repeating symbols on the adjacent reels instead of making lined up combinations. This might be slightly new on the slots industry, but not quite as new.

Wild Orient’s forte is, of course, the respin feature. Each reel on your screen will have a respin button right underneath it. These buttons will allow you to spin each individual reel again without having to spin the whole thing. This will allow you to get the combination you wanted, for a cost, of course. The respin feature promises bigger profits by making better combinations taking just a small risk.

wild orient slot screenshot

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Even though the game has not come out yet, we are pretty sure that the last third feature will attract a lot of players. The free spin rounds. You might think this feature might not be quite as original, and that is true, nevertheless, in the free spin game mode your earnings will have a x3 multiplier and that profitability makes the game look so much better.

What We Do Not Like

There is just one thing I might not be as excited about and it certainly is not being able to use the respin feature during the free spin mode, but this is just a small sacrifice I am willing to make in order to triple my winnings.

This game seems like it is going to have good design and interesting features, and we are sure Microgaming is developing a good product, but all-in-all the game (specially the theme) does not seem as original as other titles and this might detract the players. Remember, this game has not been released yet.

We hope we are on the wrong side. Maybe this product will prove us wrong when it comes out by having an outstanding performance in our screens, but based on the promotion Microgaming has done, the game does not seem too much. We will await to get our hands in this game thus the maximum payout information is quite unclear and Microgaming has always granted their players with great payouts.

Worth Playing?

In my opinion, this game seems like an interesting title. Wild Orient might be for more controlled players thus the respin button will have a price and that might take you to the ruin.

Again, the theme and the visual design is not all original and exciting, but the features seem consistent and promise it will give its player a great amount of wins. Even though the Zoo does not inspire me, I strongly hope the game’s release will prove me wrong by dragging me from my actual expectations by having the enormous profitability we are used to find in Microgaming games.

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