Microgaming Just Launched Suntide Slot Machine

suntide-slot-logoWith simplicity as a mark, Microgaming has developed a new slot machine game called SunTide. This massive British company had been in the habit of making incredible and enjoyable games for quite a while now.

They have been tremendously focused on presenting a cool and refreshing theme. Imagine yourself in the beach, seeing the sunset and eating fruits, the most incredible feeling of relaxation and comfortableness (without the inconvenient sand) that you can get while you are playing a slot machine game.

This colorful, yet soothing, theme with a beautiful orange sunset at the background is coupled with some fruity symbols like strawberries, oranges, watermelons, lemons, cherries and more.

This game offers us a 9 payline 5 reel game, with tremendous opportunity of winning, just by the simple act of pressing the spin button. The maximum jackpot is set at 8,000 and the music is trying to isolate your problems away from the game, yes is that relaxing.

What We Love

The first thing that I’d say is incredible is the colorful design. The orange is a really good idea, the selection of fruits is accurate and the sunset is a massive win for this game. When you are trying to battle against your luck is really pleasant and gratifying to have this type of features in the game. I truly love when the developers use other symbols besides the common 9, 10, J, Q, K and A. It brings originality in this classic game.

The other thing is the simplicity; they have tried to remain true to the core of the game. Just you and the machine, with an incredible relaxing music as a background the only thing that you have to do is focus your attention in the soothing view while you press the spin button.

What We Do Not Like

Even though there is an incredible amount of effort in bringing a smooth, yet classic version of a slot machine game there are several dislikes that might be irrelevant or not, that depends heavily on your gaming profile.

In this world, with a lot of competition, there are only two ways to succeed. Either you make a perfect classic in order to aim the passive players or you choose to differentiate yourself from the competition with add-ons and special features.

suntide slot screenshot 1

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Microgaming chose the first one, and according to many folks out there this way of slot machines will perish from the online gaming community because the new player is trying to earn more with doing more. This rather suspicious statement is not the entire true, but is how the tendency is going. And the lack of interaction is definitely something they did not take in account, or perhaps they did not care.

The other thing that I did not like is the seven purple symbol, if you are a fan of these video games it would look the same as another Microgramming game Summertime. But is just me, I don’t like repetitions in the layout.

Worth Playing?

This is a tricky question. Perhaps the tendency is against my recommendation, but I feel there are many classic players out there that are looking for a good game, with a beautiful layout and soothing music and Suntide is the game for them.

Even though this community is a minority they deserve to be taken in account by the developers.
In the other hand, if you are an adrenaline junky looking for some action while you earn money, I would strongly advise to look in other direction because the lack of interaction will bore you.

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