Microgaming Just Launched Stardust Slot Machine

stardust-slot-logoThe Stardust video slot is a game from Microgaming that has an impressive design that features a beautiful series of stars and other features from outer space. It has an amazing design to it but what makes this game very popular among slot players is that it offers some fun ways for players to win some huge totals.

Much of this comes from the need for the player to get more gems throughout the entire game to potentially get some big payouts.

About the Game

This slot uses forty lines with plenty of ways for players to win. It has plenty of traditional poker-style symbols but the best ones are clearly the symbols that feature different types of star and other outer space features. These are designed to give players some great chances to win to make it easier for anyone to win something huge and big.

The game uses wild and scatter symbols just as well. These will add to the chances that a player has to win big but there are some special features that make the Stardust video slot all the more intriguing.

stardust slot screenshot

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Special Parts

The Stardust video slot uses wild symbols around the place but they are all special in that the wild will be stacked around all reels. It will also be stacked on only the fourth and fifth reels in the free spin round. The stacked reels make it so a reel could possibly contain nothing but wild symbols.

The player can also get up to thirteen free spins. This is done by getting enough gems into the player’s Stardust Meter on the side of the screen. The galaxy icon must appear on the third reel while added gems can be picked up over time to get those free spins. The key is to get at least ten of them.

The Radiant Respin feature causes the screen to expand to offer 1,024 ways to win. The reels that are not included in a winning free spin will be respun once, thus giving the player a bonus chance to win.

How it Compares

The Stardust video slot has plenty of special points around the place but the most important part of the game is that it gives players more chances to win big totals. The game’s special gem meter is important as it gives players a better chance to win free spins.

It is different from what comes with traditional bonus symbols but it does certainly give players a great chance to win something huge and worthwhile.

Where to Play

The Stardust video slot can be played at the Jackpot Paradise and Vegas Paradise casinos. These are two popular online casinos that offer some thrilling ways for players to win, particularly through many video slots and liver dealer games.

These two casinos also have welcome bonus features that include up to $200 on a first deposit plus up to ten free spins to be used on many slots around the place. The casinos also have some popular VIP features as well as smaller weekly bonuses around the entire place every month.