Microgaming Just Launched Basketball Star Slot Machine

Microgaming has released many different video slots that carry sports-related themes and the company has released its newest in the Basketball Star video slot. This is a game that is similar to the Rugby Star and Cricket Star games in that it too has five reels and 243 ways to win while also using symbols that feature basketball players and other sports-related points. However, this game is also designed with a few additional points that make it a popular game to try out at various online and mobile casinos.

About the Game

Basketball Star, which is expected to make its big release in November, is a game that has a series of basketball-related symbols. The symbols that feature basketball equipment are not worth as much as the ones that feature basketball players doing all sorts of things on them. However, a player can still get a great payout off of the many reels if three or more of them are found on the screen.

basketball star slot screenshot

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Big Points

The Rolling Reels feature is a big part of this video slot. This is where the winning symbols in a spin will be spun again, thus allowing a player to get more money off of a single spin if the new symbols end up creating more winning symbols.

The Wild Shot feature is also included in that up to two reels in the middle of the screen can become wild reels. This will give players a guaranteed win no matter where they show up.

There are plenty of wild features all around the game but there are also some scatter symbols around the game that will provide players with at least fifteen free spins. The total number of free spins that will be given out will vary based on the number of scatter symbols that appear on the game.

There is also a multiplier that will be included on this part of the game. The multiplier will potentially give players up to ten times the payout on a spin although the total that will be given out will vary based on the number of wins that show up through the Rolling Reels feature on this game.

How it Compares

The features that are included in the Basketball Star video slot are clearly similar to the ones that are included in the Cricket Star and Football star games among other similar sports-themed games that Microgaming has introduced. However, the features are so unique in terms of how they can pay out so much money that they are still very popular and worth trying out when looking for a way to win big.

Best Place to Play

The Jackpot Paradise video casino is the best spot for players to try this game out at. This casino, which offers support for a number of mobile devices, is a place that has an extended variety of fun games including the Basketball Star slot. This place also has a series of traditional table games to play with. There is also a 100% match bonus of up to $200 on one’s first deposit here.