It may be too little, too late for this Autumn themed slot

autumn queen logoWinter is right around the corner. Whatever possessed Novomatic to release an Autumn themed slot this late into the year is beyond us.

Released one they have, though, so we’re just going to have to square with that. Whilst not truly understanding why Novomatic left it so late to release this Autumn themed game, we do understand why one was created.

It would have been in their interest to release the new slot a few weeks earlier, though, when the season was in full. Now, winter is creeping up and many players are going to turn to frosty, icy, snow-covered Christmas themed slots.

Autumn Queen may not get too much time to impress because those Xmas slots have already started to turn up in force.

Autumn Queen is based on a flame-haired goddess, who rules the season as she sees fit. Aside from being back at keeping track of time, she also presides over a game which has so-so graphics, rather poor features, and a petite jackpot.

Novomatic has released plenty of slots akin to this one before, so we were expecting something new from them. We have been left a little disappointed with this release.

What we love

The theme – and that’s about it. We really warmed to the idea that Novomatic has tried to personify the season of autumn in human form. It opens doors and it asks questions. Unfortunately, aside from the general outline of the theme, they seem to have lost the plot.

Autumn Queen Slot Screenshot big

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They have tried to incorporate animal imagery onto the reels of this game, and that was supposed to make it likeable. It doesn’t really scream autumn, though.

The sheer volume of high playing card symbols on the reels make the imagery look even worse than it should do. Novomatic had a very creative idea, but simply didn’t follow it through.

What we do not like

The betting system in this slot is flawed. It uses “coins” and doesn’t really give you a chance to see how much you are actually betting. The wagering menu is located to the right of the reels and doesn’t offer you too much flexibility.

Moreover, the display below the reels (where you would normally find the wagering options) does nothing at all, other than tell you how much you’ve won and your total coin bet. For the sake of argument, wagers range from $0.01 per line per spin, up to $60 a spin in all.

Autumn Queen contains just one bonus, and it is a free spins game. Unfortunately for them (and us), it is near impossible to trigger. It can only be activated when 5 scatters appear on the slot’s 5 reels. This isn’t going to happen often, and that is going to frustrate players.

Moreover, when the bonus is triggered, the slot bonuses “feature” is a pile of leaves. This can hide a stacked icon, but that symbol will scarcely ever be a wild. It doesn’t go far enough to nurture wins for the player. This is disappointing.

Worth playing?

Autumn Queen should have been something wholly different than what we ended up with. A promising theme has been sort of spoiled by shoddy graphics, poor features, and a dodgy betting system. Novomatic should have done better, and we can’t honestly say that too many players will get their kicks out of this game.

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