ISoftBet Just Launched Mega Boy Slot Machine

mega-boy-slot-logoISoftBet has released its latest title Mega Boy, prepare to feel nostalgic throughout this 16-bit retro adventure. The Theme of this game is thought to be a reminisce of that late 80s perhaps early 90s sort of game, it reminds me of my first NES or SEGA I had when I was a little kid.

If you’re my age this is a beautiful era you’ll probably remember the likes of Super Mario, Tetris, Donkey Kong and so many others. ISoftBet did a fantastic job in bringing this way of design back to life for this title.

This British company has made several incursions in mobile casino games and it’s one of the world’s largest and successful e-gaming operators, well this is according to their website. But they’ve made incredible video games and their technical support 24/7 is a huge advantage.

While this title mirror the type of design of the early 90s is not a copycat itself, it has an original layout with lots of fun in this 5 reel 25 fixed paylines, and this celebration from an era is a very satisfying experience. Let’s break down the things they have done well and the ones they haven’t.

What We Love

First and foremost, the design. I can’t stop saying how fantastic it is. They have encountered a way to do a vintage-like video game without looking cheesy or perhaps sloppy. Perfectly made in every sense. But is not only that, you could add that the gameplay is incredible they tried to make an all-around game and I think the were close to getting there.

It has several special features, several of which I am really happy about. Free spins has to be the core in every online slot machine game, the sole fact that we could play for free and earn money is what lure the beginners, after you play for a while you’re enchanted and there is no turning back.

mega boy slot screenshot big

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To activate this you “just” have to land the special symbol, which is located in the middle reel, and is extremely dependent of the likeness of the two characters in the game. You have, for instance, an Elfish creature with a Willy Wonka’s purple hat and a strange orange beast with really big horns.

They’ll represent the two levels in the game and they will give 10 free spins and multipliers and power ups. They’re the same thing, except for the power ups. Depending on the level you could get some wilds or expanding wilds in diagonal. Cool Stuff!

What We Do Not Love

I have to say that I truly like this game, but it makes me feel like they have something missing to be the next big thing. The vintage look of the game could have been better managed.

Perhaps with a lot more interaction, the lack of it will haunt iSoftBet for a while. The players are demanding greater quantities of interaction with the games and they missed the opportunity to make a even more incredible game.

Worth Playing?

Every game has to have 3 major things: a quality theme, massive payouts and incredible features, this game felt short in only one of the categories but is very well represented in the other two. I would suggest to you guys to try it out, is a great game indeed.

They have been reading the market trends very well, perhaps the interaction part they left it out on purpose but I feel that this was a chance to change the industry, at least the direction of the games.

There has been some games that have broken the paradigm of slots being a game with little interaction with player-s. This was the perfect chance for iSoftBet to be in that bus and lead the way to a new era.

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