iSoftBet Just Launched 24 Slot Machine

24-slot-logoFor years the show 24 thrilled audiences around the world with its real-time depiction of amazing action and drama with high stakes. Today people can enjoy the 24 video slot from iSoftBet. This is a unique game that will give players many ways to win while having plenty of bonuses. These include not only free spins but some special features that will appear during the free spin round. It is a popular game that will especially be popular among fans of the hit series.

About the Game

The game is designed with a series of digital symbols and plenty of special symbols that feature many items featured throughout the hit television series. The game has five reels and 243 ways for players to win.

This game features a design where players can get up to ten cents on each coin with a bet of up to $12.50 in value. This game is an attractive option for bargain players but it will also be interesting for those who want to spend a little extra.

The game has plenty of wild symbols that will appear all around the screen. It also has a free spin symbol that will appear on the third reel and will offer ten free spins to players. This will bring players access to a number of different bonuses that relate to the wild symbols that may be found during the game.

24 slot screenshot

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Special Features

The 24 symbol can appear all around the slot. A player needs to get three or more of these on a spin to get into the bonus game where the player can get a 100x prize.

The game works in that a player will have a certain amount of time to disarm a bomb. The right connections have to be cut in order to win. The payouts will be higher for those who go further in this game and will be the highest when one actually disarms the bomb. However, the player must also choose the right wires as every wrong pick here will result in a player losing time on the game.

The free spin round also has a few different special features. It offers wilds that appear at random and even has wild reels. A block of reels that feature four at a time can also be found within the game.

How it Compares

This game can be compared with other slots that are designed with particular television shows and movies in mind. However, the special bomb game is a part that is unique and exciting for players. This creates a good mood and feeling within the game that makes it relatively like the popular television series in that it’s always exciting and thrilling.

Where to Play

The 24 video slot can be found today at the Jackpot Paradise video casino. This is an online casino that has a number of attractive video slots and plenty of other traditional games for players to try out. It also has a series of bonuses including an offer for a bonus of up to $200 on one’s first deposit on the site.