IGT Just Launched The Nordic Heroes Slot Machine

nordic-heroes-slot-logoJust when I thought I had seen it all regarding video slots games IGT came forward and delivered Nordic Heroes, a title set to become one of the most popular ones ever produced.

The biggest company in the industry attempted to develop a game that combined elements of adventure and role playing games with the excitement of slot machines, and the result was terrific, especially when considering that the market is saturated with mediocre video slot machines.

International Gaming Technology became the biggest company of its kind by constantly innovating and having a strong commitment to satisfy their customer base. That is why the grew to the point of becoming the manufacturer of over half the slot machines distributed in the US.

What We Love

When you spend some time playing slots you can get bored of seeing the same handful of features repeated over and over again, but that is not the case with Nordic Heroes, especially when considering the original feature IGT developed for this game.

Battle Bonus mode is what makes this game unique, you will use your character to defeat evil monsters, doing so will grant you the experience you will need to unlock all of the different things this game has to offer.

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To activate Battle Bonus mode you will need to spin three rattle symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 during a regular spin, if you do you will be presented with three options, to attack, defend or stun; the round ends when you achieve 3 victories of suffer a single defeat.

Not often you find a game in which you can get to change your character or even the whole scenario that it involves, you can unlock another brave viking named Ragnar at level 4 and a new realm called Sea of Glory at level 6, in this new realm you will get a different bonus on every consecutive winning spin.

I always appreciate with a developer goes the extra mile and designs all of the symbols used on the reels, instead of taking the easy option of using the 9, 10, J, Q, K, A cards. IGT decided to do it and the result was outstanding. The layout is so good you feel like you are playing a console game

What We Do Not Love

I like this game a lot, since it’s a great step forward on the way video slots machines have been developed recently.

I just cannot help but think that if IGT decided to try and make a game that feels like an adventure game they should have given players more control over the actions of the characters; if all you can do is spin the reels you start to feel like you are playing half a game.

Worth Playing?

Without a doubt, this game is groundbreaking. I know I said I would like to have more controls over the characters, but a baby needs to walk before running and this is the first step in the direction of interactive video slot machines mixed with action games.

International Gaming Industries produced a gemstone, they did not become the most important company of their type by accident, I really hope this game becomes as successful as I think it is going to be, so they decide to keep releasing more titles like Nordic Heroes.

It is understandable if you are bored of vikings themed games, but if that is what is holding you back from playing this game don’t worry, even if you dislike the theme this title is going to be an entire adventure. Check it out!

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