IGT Just Launched Stinkin’ Rich Slot Machine

stinkin rich slot logoPrepare to help a skunk in his quest to become more than just stinky, but stinking rich, in this remastered online version of IGT’s classic casino video slot, Stinkin’ Rich.

The game’s entire theme is just a big play of words around the expression, exploiting the seeming contradiction of smelliness, something traditionally badly looked upon, and wealth, a desirable quality (even for, and especially sometimes, those who decry that the rich are too rich). There are two main groups of reel symbols, each sided with one half of the almost ironic expression.

You have a set of stinky items on one hand, things like rotting eggs, rotting fish, smelly shoes, and old cheese. On the other hand, there’s a glitzy rich family of four making the other reel symbols. These people, mother, father, son and daughter, all look clean and crisp in their flamboyance.

The company behind this game, IGT, is certainly one of the giants of the gambling industry. Founded back in 1981, they have since grown to such extent that by 2011 they had manufactured almost half of all physical slot machines in the United States. That level of market penetration is rarely achieved by any company in any industry in an economy as diverse and competitive as that of the US.

What We Love

This game has a great late 90’s to early 2000’s feel to it. Its design definitely harkens back to that era. This is a remastered edition, so the artwork very much the original, just more polished and better presented.

The visual design of the game manages to be fun and colorful without ending up looking like a discount knockoff of a children’s cartoon, like so many other video slots out there (you’ve encountered them, you know it is like that).

Add to that the lack of annoying 3D animations that look like an hazard for epileptics, and Stinkin’ Rich looks like a great option for players who prefer a more classic, less sparkly look.The looks aren’t the only thing that we love about thi game, no sir. We also find its special features really, really fun.

Stinkin Rich Slot screen big

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A big thing that caught our eye is that free spin rounds aren’t activated by scatter symbols in this game. Scatters, in the shape of a female skunk (our protagonist’s significant other, we presume), only pay up a cash reward. Nothing else. Free spin rounds are instead triggered by landing three Keys to Riches symbols, which will give you 5 free spins per pay line triggered in the combination.

A very interesting special feature is the Trash for Cash Bonus. This neat bonus can be triggered by landing three Trash for Cash symbols. These don’t have to be along a pay line, but anywhere on the reels. Once activated, this bonus will multiply your total bet by 4x or up to 6x.

It should be noted that this game has one hundred pay lines, much more than the usual 40 to 60 lines that we see elsewhere. This means that if you’re betting on all of them, your chances of landing winning combinations increase. It also plays very well with the Keys to Riches symbols, getting you more free spins.

What We Do Not Like

Our main gripe here is a minor thing, very minor. Taking full advantage of this game’s one hundred pay lines can cost you. You have to bet on every single one, and setting your line bet to the minimum can still prove to be a speedy drain on your wallet. Not really a criticism, but something to be aware of when playing Stinkin’ Rich.

Worth Playing?

This is a must try for players who prefer more low-key designs, without necessarily preferring dour, serious designs. It’s also a sure bet for those risk takers willing to bet on all one hundred pay lines. All in all, a game worth trying.

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