IGT Just Launched Shamrockers Eire to Rock Slot Machine

shamrockers-eire-to-rockIGT’s Shamrockers Eire to Rock is uninspiringly inspired in Irish culture, or rather, faux-Irish imagery which is so prevalent in different games of chance. But don’t let this tired thematic trope keep you away from this game, since it offers great features, fantastic opportunities for big wins, and a fairly decent soundtrack. The game is centered on a band of leprechauns who play rock-infused Irish tunes. Since their jams aren’t half bad, this makes the whole abuse of faux-Irish imagery bearable.

International Gaming Technology has released great classics of the virtual slots world, like Monopoly, Cleopatra, or Megabucks; that gives them the experience necessary to make solid titles that can cater to player’s needs, just like this leprechaun-rocker title.

What we Love

Shamrockers Eire to Rock might suffer from tired visual imagery, but this game offers a solid game experience and plenty of profits for those risk-takers out there. This game’s most original feature is  Dynamic Stacks. During single free spins, one symbol from 9 to K will be chosen at random to fill a large stack on all of the reels, and if you land one reel on the stack, it fills up the whole reel window. This unlocks bigger combinations, and larger profits.

However, where this feature really shines is on Free Spins Bonus. If you land three or more Bonus symbols during single free spins, you get four free spins. During each of these four spins, one of the band members’ symbols will fill up the Dynamic Stacks.

Shamrockers Eire To Rock Slots screenshot big

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On the first spin, it’s the fiddler. On the second one it’s the drummer, on the third it’s the guitarist, and on the fourth one the singer is the one to take over the Dynamic Stacks. On the fourth spin, you also have a 50% chance to get an Encore bonus, giving you four more free spins. This can happen over, and over again, until you get 240 free spins. A dizzying ride of big wins if you’re lucky enough.

The other thing that makes me really enjoy this game is its risk-rewarding nature. It’s a high-variance game, meaning that dry spells are not uncommon here. However, it can give you very high payouts. Its jackpot is of only 1000 coins, but the coin value can be set between 20p and 400 pounds, making jackpots fall between 200 and 400,000 pounds. If you’re not afraid of risky wagers, you can get that juicy, proverbial pot of gold (sorry about that).

What We Don’t Love

I believe it’s well established that IGT’s use of faux-Irish imagery in Shamrockers Eire to Rock is what I least like about this title. I understand why this theme is used so often, shamrocks and leprechauns are essentially synonymous with luck in contemporary Western culture, but that’s no excuse for laziness.

Sure, the rock band shtick gives it a slightly fresh spin, but in my opinion, that’s just dressing up a dead horse. I do confess to enjoying the soundtrack, though.

Is it Worth it?

It depends, honestly. This game is a solid, enjoyable experience if you can get past the overdone pseudo-Irish themes. However, this game isn’t really going to be worth your money if you’re not willing to trust in Lady Luck’s favorable opinion of you. Small wagers and tiny coin values won’t give you very big payouts, regrettably. More conservative and risk-averse players might want to sit this one out.

And if you are somehow sensitive about the exploitation of Irish culture in traditional gambling imagery, this game might also be a title to pass for you. There are more egregious examples of this trend out there, sure, but it still may not sit entirely on the good graces of the pc crowd.

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