IGT Just Launched Lucky Larry’s Lobster Mania 2 Slot Machine

lucky-larrys-lobster-mania-2-slot-logoThe original Lucky Larry’s Lobster Mania video slot proved to be a big hit for IGT so it is no surprise that IGT would be coming out with a sequel. The Lucky Larry’s Lobster Mania 2 video slot is a game that comes with an entertaining look that will certainly be fun for players who want to try their hand at getting some big payouts. This game is being made available right now at a number of different online casinos and is expected to become more of a hit among fans of the originals as well as players on many other additional casinos.

About the Game

This game has a design that takes place on a beach with the title lobster being a big part of the game. The goal is to help Larry get his playing cards by getting some of the best possible symbols around the screen. These include many special beach-themed symbols, a point that is appropriate for a game like this.

The game has payouts that come about for those who get enough particular symbols on a single spin. The ships and buoys pay out the most with the boatyards and lighthouses also offering some good payouts for players to try and go after.

Lucky Larrys Lobster Mania 2 Slot screenshot

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Special Parts

This game offers a series of wild symbols with the middle one being capable of giving a player a multiplier of up to 5x in value. This is paired with a series of Jackpot Scatter symbols that will appear all around the screen. These can appear as wilds but they can pay out a good jackpot if they appear on at least three consecutive reels around the screen. The value of that jackpot will vary based on when the player gets them while trying one’s luck here. A player can get up to 50,000 coins off of this feature.

Scatter symbols can also bring players to a special bonus game that entails having to choose from a series of buoys all around the playing field. A player can also go to different travel spots to look for particular symbols. These games have some huge payouts as a player could possibly get as many as a thousand times one’s original bet off of this game.

How it Compares

The Lobster Mania 2 game has forty lines versus the 25 that the original game had. It also has a larger variety of different bonus games when compared with the original. This makes the new game a bit of a variant over the original but it still has a great style that makes it just as fun and charming as the original game.

Where to Play

The Jackpot Paradise casino is a great place that people can play with the Lucky Larry’s Lobster Mania 2 slot at. This is a casino that has many different special games for players to try out including many other video slots from IGT. This casino also has a variety of bonuses including a $200 welcome bonus that is available for new players to try out when looking to have more fun.