IGT Just Launched Isle O’Plenty Slot Machine


isle-o-plenty-slot-logoModern popular culture has attached a very peculiar meaning to certain aspects of Irish culture. Leprechaun, shamrocks, the luck of the Irish, and the ever-present pot of gold are all synonyms with good fortune nowadays.

It is no surprise, then, that the iGaming industry consistently relies upon faux-Irish imagery for their visual themes in new titles. That, however, doesn’t make it any less cringe worthy to see yet another Irish themed slot machine out there. Lucky for IGT, and for us players, Isle O´Plenty does have more to offer than its unoriginal visual theme.

This 5×4 reel with 40 pay lines part of the Mega Jackpots series, with access to the progressive jackpot of that same game. The promise of that white whale of a big win, one that will “change your life”, IGT dixit, is enough to make us overlook the eye-rolling use of Irish culture in this title.

IGT, the game’s developers, are of the oldest names in the online casino business, providing games to physical casinos before there was even such a thing as an online casino industry. This US company, founded in 1975, has adapted rather well to the new reality created by the information age, bringing their experience into the 21st century.

What We Love

Besides the absolutely delightful promise of winning the progressive jackpot, this game has a number of special features to keep players invested (and investing) in it. The most important feature, perhaps, is the Wild Rush.

Whenever a wild symbol (here, a heart conspicuously similar to the Sacred Heart of Catholic tradition) lands on the top of a reel, it’ll be more likely that other wild symbols show up on the reel’s other positions. This, suffice to say, makes it a relatively common thing to have a reel packed with wilds, and for you to land combos on multiple pay lines with some frequency.

isle-o-plenty-slot screenshot

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During free spins is when this game truly shines. You only need two bonus symbols (in this game, a rainbow-shooting lighthouse) to trigger bonus spins. Those free spins, using the game’s words, have Leprechaun Magic (try not to read that with a stereotypical Irish accent), making it so that you’ll get at least one Wild or Mega Jackpot symbol in every spin.

Leprechaun Magic along with Wild Rush makes a powerful team-up during free spins, without a doubt. Also, during free spins you can also get bonus symbols as well (this time, changed to a magical castle), making it possible to gain up to 240 free spins during bonus rounds. Bonus mode is easily the most exciting non-jackpot aspect of Isle O’Plenty.

What We Do Not Like

As you might suspect, the use of faux-Irish imagery is what I like the least about this game. It’s not that I find offensive, since I’m not Irish myself, nor too touchy about silly new concepts like “cultural appropriation” and whatnot.

I simply think that the entire leprechaun-&-shamrocks shtick is overused. It’s a cheap cop-out to be used in lieu of creativity. Granted, one shouldn’t expect the new Ulysses by James Joyce in every slot machine one plays, but it would be nice to see some creativity every once in a while.

Worth Playing?

This game is good enough, really. It plays well, has exciting enough features (even if they’re not groundbreaking), and it has access to a big progressive jackpot.

If you are not bothered by the usage of faux-Irish imagery (which, given how popular that theme is, you probably aren’t), then this game is worth a shot. Suffice to say; knowing that access to the Mega Jackpot is possible even in bonus rounds is reason enough, really.

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