Gamevy’s Link is broken with this poor effort

the-linkAdmittedly, before the release of this slot this autumn, Gamevy was on a roll.

The relatively unknown casino software provider had just picked up several awards for its pretty decent slot games – and they were pretty decent. Slots such as The Heist really impressed.

They haven’t just dropped the ball with their latest slot – The Link; they have actually scored an own goal, picked it up and decided to do it all over again, and again, and again.

The Link was supposed to be another excellent game show themed video slot from Gamevy, and one which centred on classic, simplistic slot gameplay.

Well, it certainly is simplistic, but this slot will never be classic. Played over a 3×3 grid of 3 reels and 8 paylines, you might think that The Link shows promise. It does, until you open it up and start to look at the wagering range. You could have a look at the special features too if you wish, but you won’t be able to find them.

What we love

Not a lot if we’re being frank. The overall concept for The Link should have been a cracker. Gamevy have made some more challenging video slots, and now they were taking on a classic slot machine game.

The recipe for success was there. The chefs just decided to lob it out and go for broke. The Link is nothing short of a disaster, so it is very difficult to find anything kind to say about this slot machine at all.

the link slot screenshot big

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The slot has not been made by a major mainstream slot developer, so it won’t be widely available in the online casino world. That’s what we love about. This is a good thing, because many slot players won’t be left feeling frustrated at having been duped into thinking they were going to enjoy themselves with The Link.

What we do not like

There’s far more to say about what we don’t like about The Link. This slot was released this month, and it really shouldn’t have been. Gamevy should have held off on the release, and spent a bit more time developing this slot.

For starters, the wagering range is $1 at the floor, up to $10 at the ceiling. Barring a complimentary wild, there are no special features for you to enjoy. Sure, there are 8 paylines spread over 3 reels, but they pay-outs aren’t worth your wagers, and the pay-rate is only 93%, which is low even by classic slot standards.

Worth playing?

Sometimes you will come across a diamond in the rough, a slot that shouldn’t have been good but it. See our review on Rainbow Jackpots, which is a fine example of this.

Then there are those slots which should never have been made. Regrettably, The Link is one of those. Small-scale developers can sometimes produce absolutely tip-top slots. Unfortunately, Gamevy has tried very hard to prove us wrong with The Link.

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