GamesOS’ Mr Monkey slot launches at top casino sites


GamesOS are not exactly one of the biggest developers of online slots, and yet they have a canny way of being able to offer their slots at the biggest casinos.

It is this deal that has enabled their latest video slot to gain quite a lot of exposure. The Mr Monkey video slot was released this September, and it is widespread enough so that most of you will be able to try your hand at it if you wish.

The big question is, would you want to?

The new Mr. Monkey video slot does offer up a cracking 50 paylines for you to bet on, and its wagering range is fairly modest (spanning from $0.50 up to $100 a spin). Graphically, it is virtually the same as the many other monkey themed slots on the net, with so-so graphics, friendly and cute imagery, and plenty of colour.

We can’t fault it for that, though. How else are you going to represent this type of theme? The slot is fairly standard fare in everything it does and offers to players, so whilst Mr Monkey does surpass expectations, its launch is hardly going to be described as a major event in the online slot world.

What we love

Mr Monkey contains all of your customary offerings in terms of special features. Yes, it has wild symbols and they can even double the value of any wins in which they play a part. We like that very much. Wilds can also substitute for all other icons save for scatters, although that hardly makes them original.

mr monkey slot screenshot big

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Scatters themselves can cough up a free spins bonus round, and in that bonus, you can enjoy super stacked symbols which can triple your wins. Again, as enjoyable as those features are, they are hardly original.

That is where Mr Monkey falls – if we’re being honest. It has decent features, but we’ve seen them all before. Once more – it makes the grade, but only just.

What we do not like

Again, this is a so-so, run-of-the-mill slot. There isn’t much to like, or even dislike about Mr Monkey. The title is a bit on the lazy side, and that’s an understatement right there. The bonus rounds are satisfactory, but beige, and the pay-outs are standard all-round.

If you were going to find fault with this slot, it is that the special features are expected, predictable, and rather boring, even if they are generous.

Worth playing?

We can sum up Mr Monkey rather simply, if we’re being honest. With Mr Monkey, GamesOS have delivered a slot which matches those that rival competitors can produce, but it doesn’t surpass them. It is as if they wanted to do the bare minimum to produce a slot which “competes”, and in that regard they have succeeded.

GamesOS have developed a slot which can take on its monkey themed rivals, and it might even surpass them. Mr Monkey will hopelessly fail when compared to other major slots from bigger rivals, though.

We couldn’t encourage you nor discourage you from playing this slot. Lads and lasses, whether you play Mr Monkey or not is entirely down to you.

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