Games OS Just Launched Maverick Saloon Slot Machine

maverick-saloon-slot-logoThe Maverick Saloon is a video slot from Games OS that features a Wild West theme. It includes a series of different points like gunslingers and ladies all around the place. The excitement of the game is palpable but the big ways for players to win off of this slot make it an especially popular game for all casino players to look out for.


How to Play

The Maverick Saloon has nine lines on its five reels. The player can adjust the total number of lines that can be used while also choosing from different values for each line. A player can get five cents on each line at the least.

The game’s symbols include gunslingers and other bandits to name a few special points. Players need to get the symbols with the people on them to actually get the best possible payouts within the game.

The lack of lines may be a turnoff to some players but it does at least keep the game organized. In fact, the player can choose a particular number of lines to work with to make it easier for the player to bet only what one really wants to spend on the game.

maverics saloon slot screenshot

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Special Parts

A wild symbol can be found around the game. This symbol not only replaces all symbols except for the bonus symbol but will also double any wins that come about. This is provided that the win comes from a line that actually had the wild symbol in it.

The bonus round will give players as many as 74 free games. This comes from a shootout scene where players can go after as many enemies as possible. A player needs to shoot down as many enemies in the bonus game to get enough spins. A player can get 74 free spins off of this game.

The player needs to get into the bonus round to get to this game. This can be done by getting three bonus symbols around the game; these symbols can be found all around the entire screen.

The game finishes off with a gamble feature that will come about after a winning spin. This game requires a player to choose the color or suit of a playing card. A player can get two or four times the value of a card but the player will end up losing everything on the spin if that player gets the wrong choice going on that card.

How the Game Compares

It can be a challenge to compare this game with others as it includes a special game that will give out free spins and focuses on a mix of luck and skill. This is different from how so many other games that involve free spins typically focus exclusive on luck above all other points.

Where to Play

The Maverick Saloon video slot is at the Jackpot Paradise casino right now. The casino has a number of fun games to play with including many other video slots from Games OS. The casino also has many additional bonuses for new players including a $200 welcome bonus plus up to ten free spins that can be used on many assorted video slots.