ELK Just Launched Bloopers Slot Machine

bloopers slot logoThere is something that we as humans love more than anything. Is the life of the stars. There are at least hundreds of TV shows regarding this subject. But there is one thing that we love more than their lifes and is their Bloopers behind the scenes of the stars.

Imagine yourself you are looking an Oscar show with tons of celebrities and the best of the best good looking stars out there, that is the vibe Elk Studios has designed for us in this awesome game.

Even though Elk Studios has a short experience in this industry, they have proven that they’re made up to the challenge of attempting to gain market share from their competitors. They have an incredible team and they’ve made incredible math models to guarantee first class products to their shareholders.

You have 5 very good characters that represent the things that go backstage that represents the things that go backstage that are so important to the showbiz. Such as the Cutter, Make Up, Sound Tech, Jet Pack and Stunt man. This bloopers comes with different features.

What We Love

The graphics and the visual arts are amazing. But they weren’t as good as they are if it’s not for the music. Excellent work in developing an environment with many good things in it. The experience in playing this game is enhanced by this details.

Free spins, the core of every online slot machine game is present in this title also. You could get several free spins and there is even a Free spins bonus game with sticky wilds. I genuine love when the developers find the time to focus on little details as these ones.

bloopers slot screen big

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But the most important part of this game is the features that are linked to the bloopers, the characters I named earlier. For each blooper the have their own feature. They may appear throughout the game simultaneously and you could be enjoying several good features such as Expanding Wilds, Falling Symbols, Extra Free Spins, Symbol Shuffles and Random Wilds. A feast of things you could earn and improve your earnings.

What We Don’t Love

There are several things that the developers haven’t quite understood yet. One of them is that the trends in the business is more interaction and playability. And this game lacks of it.

They have several strong points, but they have miss an opportunity to enter in the big leagues. They have good bonuses and extra games, is a good start but is not enough. I hope that in the next titles they will take in account this kind of things a little bit more.

Worth Playing?

Definitely, this is a strong game in almost every aspect. The perfect design will dazzle you. There is a huge battle in an industry full of strong competitors and Elk Studios is trying to enter the big leagues, in my opinion they missed the chance to make a perfect game but they did it alright.

There is a trifecta in this industry: design, earnings and features. This game has it all. Is perfect for new players and also for more experienced players. This new (but amazing) company has it all to become a strong competitor in the following years.

The thing with the interaction is a minor step back, this game is still very enjoyable without it. When I started to play it I had a blast. My sole regret is that this was the chance to make a perfect game.

The trends are more in favour of new interactions and features. In a crowded market place those that can be differentiated from the rest are those that are going to prevail in this battle for success.

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