Betsoft Just Launched Tipsy Tourist Slot Machine

the-tipsy-tourist-slot-logoThe Tipsy Tourist is a new video slot being made available by Betsoft and is open at a number of different online casinos. This is a game that has a charming look to it and brings out plenty of big payouts alongside some special features. It especially has a special bonus game that allows players to try for more money thanks to the toss of a coin.

About the Game

This is a twenty-line slot that uses five reels and features a tropical design with a tourist getting excited to have fun, watch some attractive women and even get a few drinks. The game has many vacation-related symbols all around the screen while the player can go from two cents to one dollar for each line while also using up to five bets per line. The player can even adjust the number of lines being used here. This allows the player to go after some big payouts if used right and makes for some real fun among those looking for ways to get the most money off of any type of game.

tipsy tourist slot screenshot

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Special Features

The game has beach ball symbols that appear on the third, fourth and fifth reels. These are all the scatter symbols and will give players eight free spins when one lands on them.

The wild symbol can be found at any time during the game. The wild symbol is especially great during the free spin round as those symbols will stay on the screen during the entire duration of the round as long as the free spins are available.

The Drinking Bonus round is triggered by getting a red cup on any of the first three reels. This will require the player to guess how a coin flip goes. A winning guess will allow the player to take a drink and a loss has the opponent taking one. The first player to complete all of one’s three drinks is the winner. The payouts on this particular bonus game will vary based on how far the player goes into the game.

There’s also a gamble feature that lets players win twice their prizes by choosing the color of a card. This is an optional game that can be played as many times as one wants but the player will lose everything if the wrong bet is made.

How it Compares

This game can be compared with other games that use games of chance when it comes to their bonuses. The red cup bonus is a popular part of the game that lets the player try to go after bigger payouts but the game itself will require the player to be rather persistent to have a better shot at winning big.

Where to Play

The Jackpot Paradise is the best place for players to take a look at when finding a place to enjoy this new game at. The Jackpot Paradise video casino is a place that offers dozens of different video slots and plenty of additional casino games. The casino has a welcome bonus on first deposit that is up to $200 in value.