Betsoft Just Launched Alkemor’s Tower Slot Machine

alkemors-tower-slot-logoThe wizardly world of magic has fascinated storytellers for generations. It has certainly inspired Betsoft in the creation of one of its newest slots, the Alkemor’s Tower video slot. This is a five-reel symbol that offers 243 ways to win while having a variety of enchanting bonus features.

About the Game

This game was designed with a strong magic influence to it. It features the titular wizard and all sorts of symbols including the many magical elements that he has under his command. Players can bet from two cents to one dollar on each coin and can us a betting level of up to five times the original total. There are thirty coins to use on a spin in this game.

A player can win on many lines on one spin. The number of lines is figured out by multiplying the number of matching winning symbols on each reel that has a winning link on it. This means that a player can possibly win more by getting more than one of the same winning symbol on a qualifying reel. Of course, the key is to just get three like symbols in a row from left to right on the screen in order to get the best possible win here.


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Special Parts

The Elemental Spells feature on the Alkemor’s Tower video slot is an important part of the game. These spells will require the player to combine the Spell Books on the first two reels while getting an elemental symbol on the third reel. This will determine the spell that is cast. A book on the fourth or fifth reel will then impact the spell’s overall power.

The key about these spells is that they will give players better payouts. The Water spell will cause more wild symbols to appear on the screen while a random payable symbol will appear on the first reel.

The Earth spell creates wild symbols while destroying the other non-wild symbols, thus causing new symbols to appear around the place. The Air spell causes the existing non-wild symbols to be shuffled all around the screen. The Fire spell causes extra wild symbols to come about on the screen.

A player needs two books and a vine book symbol to reach the Nature Floor. This will give the player ten or more free spins. The Celestial Floor game occurs with the same number of spins but with a star-based book instead of a vine book. This also offers extra payouts during the game.

How it Compares

To say that the special features on the Alkemor’s Tower video slot are unique would be an understatement. The special features around this game make it something entertaining that players will love to try out.

Where to Play

This unique video slot is available at the Jackpot Paradise casino. This casino has a number of special games to choose from with the options expanding throughout the year. The casino also has a $200 welcome bonus on all first deposits plus up to ten free spins to use at various places around the casino.