Bally Just Launched Titanic Slot Machine


titanic slot logoOh Boy! Bally Technologies chose an epic movie-based theme for their next online slot machine. The movie is no other that the 90’s success Titanic. This major box-office earner is the movie that has won the most Oscars in the history, with eleven alongside Ben Hur and Lord of The Rings: The Return of the King.

The movie was written by the legendary James Cameron and with the excellent performances of Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet and the awesome soundtrack of Celine Dion. Yes, we all remember the scene with Leo and Kate in the end of the ship with My Heart Will Go On in the back.

Yes, there are lots of movies and documentaries about this tragedy. But the James Cameron’s Film has to be the most important and to be entrusted with the honor of making the online slot version of a movie that made billions is a lot of pressure, specially to please such a huge fanbase.

This kind of pressure is not uncommon for Bally Technologies, this legendary company is made for the challenge with plenty of years of experience in their back. But we don’t have a clue about the special features or the layout because the game hasn’t been released yet.

What To Love

First and foremost, the theme. Is an incredible history with a lot to take from. The symbols could be from Jack in the water, to be used as something bad. Or Rose in the ship, the Titanic, etc. The possibilities are incredible. In terms of the layout it is almost impossible to do a poor job. The film itself is a spectacular source of design and I have my hopes high in terms of the visual graphics.

Secondly, there is a slot machine of The Titanic. It counts with 5 reels and 30 paylines and you can bet up to 400 credits. It has great rewards and features which can be easily used in the online version to enhance the experience of playing Titanic.

titanic slot screenshot big

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The game is gonna include many different scenes of the actual movie, this will make it a lot more interactive for the players and the fanbase will be very pleased. Perhaps you could see several aged fans checking out this slot, like they did with the real version.

What Not To Love

There are some classic histories that is impossible to be bored of. Titanic is one of them and the slot out there is great if you add the folks at Ballies Technologies you have the perfect combination to make a record selling title. I don’t have any regret in this title.

Worth Playing?

Of course. This is without a doubt one of the slots of the year. The charisma behind this company and the quality they have proven in the past alongside a title that has already sold millions of copies with a guaranteed fanbase. Match made in heaven.

In an industry full of games and titles each year is very difficult to have to game that will attract the most attention and Bally Technologies found it. It was a bold decision indeed, because a bad outcome will mean the hate of thousands of potential customers but, as I said before, is very difficult to do a bad job with this combination-

I’m looking forward to this release. Is still unknown if they’re going to appeal to the most classic part of online slot machine users or if they’re going to add more interactive gameplay to enter in the hearts of adrenaline junkie gamblers. Is a difficult decision, but either way is going to be a massive hit.

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