USA vs Belgium

USA vs Belgium Betting Preview & Odds

Last game in the first TOP 16 round and one that will determine who will play in the quarterfinals against the winner of Switzerland vs Argentina matchup. The projection is that this will be one of the most exciting ones so far – Belgium vs USA! Continue reading for my betting preview, odds, picks and best bookies. This preview is sponsored by Bovada Sportsbook.


One of the favorites to win the world cup! Belgium have finally managed to get all their best players in their national team. According to our ” who will win ” article, Belgium have 6.3% chance of winning. Whether or not they will do it is up to themselves and their best players, such as Eden Hazard.

Belgium were favorites to win in the group H, where they were together with Russian, South Korea and Algeria. That’s exactly what they did, beating the latter with 2:1, Russians with 1:0 and Koreans with 1:0. Albeit, they didn’t score a ton of goals, but they only lost 1 too! All in all, Belgium had packed maximum 9 points from the group stage and things looked fairly well for them.

They are also favorites to win vs USA in their first top 16 round game and advance to quarterfinal, where they will likely face Argentinians. Bookmakers have set the line on Belgium to win at 1.85 to 1 (-117).

Bet on Belgium to Win >>> <<< Odds Of -117 Offered


Soccer could one of the few team sports where USA does not have an extraordinary team. Sure, they did manage to get into top 16, but they aren’t even close to favorites in this event. They did quite well in their group, though – 2:1 against Ghana, 2:2 against Portugal and a minimal loss in their last game for the win in group G to Germany (0:1).

Majority of players in USA are from their own MLS, including the star player Chris Dempsey who will be one of the key players, if Americans want a chance in this matchup.

Bookmakers do not rate chances for this team high. The betting line is set at 4.75 to 1 (+375) and is quite objective, given performance of both teams and strength of Belgium.

Bet on USA to Win >>> <<< Odds Of +375 Offered 

Prediction and Betting Tips

While I think both of these teams are great, Belgium is far more superior when it comes to skill. Their team is packed with players of another class and thus they will take this down. Betting odds of 1.85 (-117) are great value, as you stand a chance to win $87 for every $100 wagered on a game that I don’t expect to be all that close.

Another good value bet to place is under 2.5 goals, since both teams didn’t really stand out by scoring too many goals in their group stage. This bet is available with odds of 1.61 and US bettors should place it at while all others can join one of the betting sites listed below.

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