Switzerland vs France

Switzerland vs France Betting Preview

It seems like this is going to be a fight between 2 potential winners of Group E – France and Switzerland. Since this preview is written after both teams have had their first game, we have the luxury to already know how well or how bad they performed in their first game.

Both teams have started the World Cup on a positive note. Swiss managed to beat Ecuador in a relatively tight game 2:1, while France won versus Honduras – 3:0.

To me it seems that France will finish first and the real fight will be for the second entry to quarter finals. I’d say that Honduras are least likely to finish second and this spot will be battled for by Ecuador and Swiss, though, the game I’m about to write a preview for has all the potential to change things upside down.

Why France Could Win & Betting Line

No offense to team Switzerland, but France is a team that is at least class higher in terms of skill. Karim Benzema has had an amazing season with Real Madrid, while Franck Ribery is always in shape and ready to score.

I watched the first game for french and they really left a great impression. Quick passing and great possession is what makes them strong, while Benzema and Giroud are always ready and able to make something happen.

Bet On France to Win – 1.80 at Bet365

The odds on France are actually quite high, so there’s definitely value to be had. You’re essentially betting on french to win 80% of the time here, but I think that number is a fair bit higher.

Why Swiss Could Win & Betting Line

Switzerland have always been one of those teams that don’t really have a squad with multiple superstars, but what they do have is a team filled with skilled players. They are always as one piece and a great example of what a team really is.

The Swiss have managed to beat Ecuador in their opening game and thus have earned their first 3 points already. To be honest, this seems like it will be a game for first place in group E.

Bet On Switzerland to Win – 4.75 at Bet365

Over/Under Bet

Both teams will be fairly cautious as there is a lot to lose for the loser of this game – they have to face winners of group F, who will likely be the argentinians. I would expect a low scoring game, so betting that the total goals scored will be under 2.5 seems like a good value-bet.

Bet on Under 2.5 Goals scored – 1.95 at Unibet