Spain vs Chile

Spain vs Chile World Cup Betting Preview

This will be a deciding game in Group B and after it we should be able to answer the following question – who will face Brazil in the Top 16 round? Well, The Netherlands still have to beat both, Australia and Chile for that to happen, but if nothing unexpected happens, the winner of this game will face Brazil while the losing team will actually not make it to quarterfinals. If Spain finishes third in their group, it will likely be the biggest upset in their modern soccer history.

How did both teams perform in their opening games? Well, one did well, while the other one did terribly bad. Current World Cup holders got completely killed by Netherlands (1:5), while Chile did quite well for themselves and managed to beat Australia (3:1). It’s quite hard to predict what will happen, but we can be sure about one thing – Spanish players are really mad after ”Oranje” drove over them. According to various bookmakers, they are also clear favorites in this match.

Betting Lines

As I pointed out previously, Spain are massive favorites in this game, while Chile is sort of a long-shot. Check out the odds that are set by most betting sites in the world:

  • Spain to Win: 1.70 at Bet365
  • Draw: 4.00 at TitanBet
  • Chile to Win: 5.00 at Unibet


I feel that Spain does have quite big value in this game and that their performance in the game against Netherlands have upped the line for at least 0.35 – If I were you, I’d back spain here.

Everyone is also expecting an open game with a lot of shots, scoring chances and lastly, goals – all of these lead up to some sound reasoning for betting the Over 2.5 at TitanBet with odds of 1.65

Man To Watch
Will Casillas Be THE Hero for Spain

Many would expect that we’d name Torres, Villa or Vidal from Chile as a key man for changing this game, but no… It’s Casillas, the goaltender of Spain, who will play a massive role for his team in this matchup. After losing 5 goals to Dutch, Iker openly admitted that most goals were his fault and he fully took the loss on himself. Not sure if that’s good or bad, but Casillas is one of the greatest goaltenders ever lived, so I’m sure he can turn any game around.


Best Bookies

If you’re interested in betting on either Spain or Chile for this game or during the whole world cup, I would suggest joining one of the bookmakers below. I bet with all three myself and do so to choose the best odds for each line I think is good enough. US players should bet at , since none of the brands below accepts Americans.

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