Zombie Bar

The Zombie Bar Slot Bonus

zombie bar slot

Like all slots, Zombie Bar is best played with a bonus, and you can get a Zombie Bar slot bonus on this page. But all bonuses aside, let’s talk about this abandonment themed video slot. SkillOnNet are responsible for this title, which really is all about a closed down bar, which has been abandoned. Yes, Zombie Bar is not exactly as it sounds! You were expecting monsters, weren’t you? Designed with pretty sharp graphics, nobody could accuse Zombie Bar if lacking originality. Play it for real money at Mega Casino now!

How to play it?

The wagering bar is designed in multi-coloured smoke. It’s not the best gaming control menu we’ve seen, but it will suffice. Zombie Bar’s menu allows you to do all the usual business, such as adjusting your bet, viewing the pay-table, spinning the reels, and choosing your coin values.

Speaking of coin values, they range from 0.10 up to 5.00 in this slot. You can bet up to 3 coins per line in this slot, which contains 5-reels and 20 such paylines. After setting up your bet, your wager is going to ultimately land somewhere between the minimum stake of 0.10 per line, per spin; and the maximum wager of 300.00 per spin.

If you want to start winning, then it’s time to start spinning, as the cheesy saying goes. This is true on all slots, and Zombie Bar is no different. With your bet staked, the reels will start spinning and icons will appear on them. Match three or more identical symbols across the reels to win.

How much can you win?

You can actually win as much as 500x your stake in this slot. That might not sound like too much of a non-progressive jackpot, but it really is when you think about it. It is a 500% mark-up on whatever you stake. You can’t ask for better than that.

Most of the symbols in this slot are actually not very thematic. You have a radioactive sign, a hazard sign, an electric symbol and a camera amongst others. Other icons include the high playing card symbols, and as you can imagine, they aren’t worth very much in terms of coin wins. We’re not quite sure what kind of symbols constitute an abandoned bar, but surely these ones are very good?

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Special symbols

The camera icon is the game’s wild symbol. When this icon appears, it can substitute itself for any other symbol in the game. The exception to the rule is the bonus icon. This is a standard wild symbol and doesn’t really have any special properties.

That bonus icon is a picture of zombies. So, there are actually zombies in this game after-all! Three or more bonus icons located anywhere on the reels will trigger a free spins bonus round.


Free Spins / Bonus Features

The free spins round is pretty standard stuff for the most part. Once it is triggered, the player will have a rather small number of 5 free spins to enjoy. During the free spins bonus, if the player manages to win with wilds, they will pick up increasing multipliers of 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x and 10x the value of the wins. Players should also keep a look out for zombie pictures. If you get more zombie pictures, you can re-trigger the bonus round.

Tips & Tricks

It is important to note than some versions of this slot carry as many as 50 paylines. Players should know that this is most certainly not the standard number of paylines in the game (the standard is 20), but that other casinos may offer different amounts of lines. If they do, the minimum and maximum wagers will also increase as a result of the additional paylines.

Free Play

There aren’t really any complicated features for you to grasp in Zombie Bar. To be perfectly honest, you should be able to understand exactly how the slot works from the moment you sit down to wager on it. If however, you want to check out this unusual theme and see if this video slot really is worth playing, then you can do so free of charge by playing the free play demo of the Zombie Bar slot. Play this game free at www.megacasino.com now!

Overall Experience & Final Thoughts

We’ll give SkillOnNet a big thumbs up for the graphics in this slot. At least, in the design of them. We can’t really credit them with the images used, as they don’t really fit the theme at all. They don’t fit the theme of an abandoned pub, and they don’t fit a zombie-monster theme either. They are just loose and not really tied to anything.

The theme itself is confusing. Do we have a bar that has been closed down, or is a bar that has been attacked by zombies and abandoned?Even if any of the two is true, why is there a very happy tourists, whose trigger happy to snap off some shots with his camera, there? It all oozes confusion.

Theme and image choice aside, what you’re left with is a decent paying but quite primitive, non-progressive jackpot slot. The good news is that it is cheap to play, the bad news is, you won’t know what exactly it is that you’re playing. We’ve tried it for hours, and we’re still trying to figure the theme out!

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