Wacky Panda Slot Review & Free Play

Theme of The Game

Wacky Panda has a Panda bear inspired theme, so the title gives you an accurate idea of what’s going on inside. The really special thing is that the sort of game that we get in Wacky Panda, with 3 reels, generally doesn’t have this sort of theme, so it’s a first for the category.

The inspiration comes from China, and you can see this mostly in the background image, not as much as in the symbols, which show just fruits or Panda bears.

There are five Panda bears shown among the major symbols, with images of the wacky Panda, along with others colored in yellow, purple, blue or brown. The final few symbols are the ones that will show you fruits, featuring images of a watermelon, of bananas or grapes.

The image shown in the background has a waterfall on one side, with the bamboo forest on the other. The middle gets you the set of three reels, with the support structure for it being made out of bamboo, with a grass roof at the top, right below the logo. The paytable section is a bit more basic, not as much inspired by the surroundings.


Microgaming is not at its first release of a 3 reel slot machine, but it’s not something that I generally consider them very good at. I’m especially talking about the design quality of their classic slots, which rarely aim to impress or target modern day players.

Generally, the graphics are very low quality, but it’s not the case with Wacky Panda. The developer offers hundreds of great games, including a decent selection of titles with classic themes and few features, just like this one.

How To Play It

Playing this game is a matter of covering the game’s only line with a wager that consists of 1, 2 or 3 coins. You have to decide on the value of those coins as well, and that’s how you can get from the minimum bet of $0.01, to one that is as high as $300. The coin value appears to reach a $100 value.

This being a 3-reel slot machine, it offers 1 pay line, which goes straight through the middle of the reels. The game is easy to figure out, especially since it lacks any major features. You choose the number of coins, the total bet, and you hit the Spin button. The buttons are all at the bottom, and the paytable is always shown on the right side.

If there was one thing to recommend in this game, it would be to set up the wager with 3 coins at all times. It doesn’t make any difference for most combinations, but the top paying one will give you a little bit extra if the wager has all its coins that round.

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Special Features

This is the sort of game that offers no features whatsoever, something that you should get used to if you’re the kind of player that enjoys 3-reel slots. Though some classic slots do have additional features, mostly wild symbols, in Wacky Panda you don’t get anything like that. You just spin the reels and you get winning combinations of three matching symbols on the only active line available.

Maximum Payouts

Provided that you selected a wager of 3 coins, the jackpot of the slot will pay you 3,333 coins. With a high coin value in place, you could be looking at a reward of up to 333,300.


Wacky Panda is a very simple game, but the graphics are beyond what typical classic slots will have, and so players that prefer those titles can now have an experience that is closer to what modern games are offering.

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