Spinata Grande

Spinata Grande Slot

spinata-grande-slot-logoSpinata Grande Slot Machine is a wonderful slot machine that transports you to the warm areas of Mexico. The theme of the game involves a Mexican town (animated) that has been decorated for a festival. There are plenty of balloons floating about and these serve as the background of the game. The reels are vibrant as well as festive and they feature many differently colored and shaped piñatas.

There is also a red colored and a yellow colored bull and a blue fish has also been thrown in for good measure. It looks extraordinary because it is made to wear a sombrero. The donkey is colored pink and purple and there is also a bird that is colored green as well as yellow. When you win, the screen fills up with confetti falling to the tune of upbeat music. In addition, the theme also makes use of celebratory skulls in the Mexican tradition involving the celebration of the Day of the Dead.

These skulls symbolize and act like Wild symbols and they are accompanied by an unusual function as well as bonus mode. Net Entertainment, which is an online casino software group that operates out of Sweden, has released this new slot machine game with a fun Mexican carnival theme.

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How to play?

When the Spinata Grande Slot Machine starts, players are transported to a land of bright colors and boundless energy. The reels of this entertaining game have a layout that is very unique. Compared to the regular three rows, this game has four rows and each row has some over-sized symbols that include both 2×2 symbols and 3×3 symbols. The reason why these over-sized symbols are so important is that when these symbols show up on a reel, especially the 3×3 symbols, then players stand a better chance of earning bonus rewards.

As soon as the 3×3 symbols show up on the reel, the mini slot feature of the game is triggered. When the piñata symbol is smashed it becomes transformed into a mini slot game in which you can win instantly. What’s more, it also allows you to get free spins by landing 3 star piñatas. The Spinata Grand Slot Machine slot bonuses, on activation, will also improve the amount of money that you can win. This should come as music to your ears!

How much can be won?

The Spinata Grande Slot Machine is a very interesting game. It is also very unique because it is one of the very few slots that allow players to win a huge non-progressive jackpot payout. If you really strike it lucky and things work out the way that they should then you can earn a payout of a whopping 120, 000 coins.

However, there is more to playing this game than this huge jackpot payout because it also has a mini slot feature that if triggered, will allow you to play a free spins bonus round. For this to happen, you need a set of extra large reel symbols plus a special as well as unique extra large Wild symbol.

Additional features

Spinata Grande Slot Machine is a five reel, forty line video slot game that is not only very interesting to play but it also burst with colors as well as excellent audio features. The game features a number of symbols that are inspired by everything Mexican. Thus, it is not surprising to see that the game uses Mexican symbols like piñatas and fish as well as bulls and donkeys – all of which help to emphasize the game’s Mexican carnival theme.

Perhaps the best feature of the Spinata Grande Slot Machine is its free spins. Sets of free spins are given to those who play this slot machine and who succeed in spinning enough Star scatter symbols after being awarded and when playing off the Mini Slot game feature round.

Spinata Grande Slot Machine also has a bonus game which is awarded to players who are spinning the extra large sized Mini Slot Machine reel symbol which need to appear on the base game screen. If you get this then you stand to be awarded a bonus game. When this happens you will be playing a three row by three-column slot.


Spinata Grande Slot Machine is a game that gives players plenty of opportunity to claim tons of free spins. The more piñatas the player smashes the more they stand to win. This exciting game that involves four rows and five reels as well as forty paylines is not only designed to be very unique, but its huge wilds also give players a chance to win a huge amount of money.

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