Football: Champions Cup

Theme of the game

footbal champions cup logoGet ready for an amazing launch by the Swedish company, NetEnt. They have just announced the release of their new slot machine inspired in one of the most popular and favorite sport games around the world: football soccer! Football: Champions Cup will be the name of the new game that will be officially released in May.

But, NetEnt not only took some inspiration from this iconic sport, they also took some information about one of the most important championship: the Champions Cup! Imagine that you will part of a real team and you have the opportunity of winning the cup, that will include a lot of money for your pocket.

Even when we only handle the name of the game and there is no official information about the payouts, the way of playing or the features that Football Champions Cup will include, we can make some predictions because we are not only deeply passionate about slots and gambling… we are truly fans about football soccer.

Also, there are some aspects that we can infer by knowing NetEnt’s style and trajectory. You will see why you should be excited about this launch.


NetEnt already has 20 years of experience, and they haven’t stop a minute in the innovation and creation inside the gambling industry. They are originally from Sweden and it was founded by one of Scandinavia’s leading-off casino operators, according to their official web page.

Their slogan says “Driving the Online Casino Market through Better Games”, and they have been following it literally. They basically specialize in the production and creation of games that stay in line with their first principle.

They have done more than 100 games that always give us a reason to talk about. Now, they are behind a project that is almost impossible to ignore, especially if we think about the target that the game is focused on.

How to play it

As I said, we don’t have any official information about this aspect. However, the game probably include some basic aspects and elements of every slot machine, as the spin button and the autoplay mode.

The distribution of the required buttons for start playing will probably be located at the bottom of the screen, counting with key elements like the option for selecting your coins’ amount, the amount per bet and per line and, of course, a mini-screen that tells your winning score.

However, I truly expect that they include some mode of playing similar to football soccer (maybe you only have one or two times for winning, and you have to put more coins for earning some extra time).

It would be amazing if they include real elements of the sport to this machine, and by knowing NetEnt, I can say that this is nearly a certainty.

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Special Features

For now, I can only highlight one special feature: the theme’s selection. Even when the theme isn’t the most original in the gambling industry, they point to select a theme that please a main target, which are almost every men of the world.

Also, the theme has a lot of elements that can make the design really attractive and outstanding, we will see if NetEnt do a special effort in this aspect.

I’d be blown away if they include an extra bonus game like if they were part of a extra-time match. Also, it would be incredible if you can choose a character (maybe your favorite team or your favorite player) and you can win some “goals” through the combination of symbols.

Maximum Payout

Sadly, we don’t know how much money you can be able to win by playing Football: Champions Cup.


Football: Champions Cup is projected to be, together with The Flintstones slot, one of the best launches of the year. We don’t have to wait so much, but we are already excited.

A game that correlates one of the coolest sports in the world with key elements of every innovative and unique slot machine can be enough for keeping us excited. We will see!

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