Reels De Janeiro Slot Tournament

Reels de Janeiro Slot Tournament


You can take your chance in one of the highest paying slot tournaments of the year if you choose to sign up and enter MicroGaming’s network wide Reels de Janeiro slot tournament. Set to coincide with the final stages of this year’s World Cup it is going live on the 12th of June 2014 and is running right through until the 31st of July 2014.

There is a massive prize pool up for grabs and this will see €175,000 in cash prizes being divided up between the players who manage to get a high enough score to place them in one of the top seventy five positions on the tournaments leader board.

Should this slot tournament be of interest to you then below you will find an overview of how it is structured along with a few slot tournament playing hints and tips which may just increase your winning chances!

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Tournament Structure

Duration – The Reels de Janeiro slot tournament goes live on the 12th of June 2014 at 00:00 (GMT +1) and is set to end on the 31st of July 2014 at 22:00 (GMT +1).

Entry Fee – A number of free entries into this Reels de Janeiro slot tournament can be won as several MicroGamings powered casinos are holding Freeroll Satellite Tournaments in the lead up to the tournament going live. However a direct entry into it will cost players €10.

Previously MicroGaming charged entrants into all of their slot tournaments in US Dollars. However, they have recently switched over to Euros. Anyone with an account in any other currency can still take part and their entry fee will be deducted from their casino account balance at the current network currency exchange rate.

Tournament Credits and Play Time –Once you have paid your €10 entry fee you will be allocated 15 minutes play time and will have in total 50,000 tournament credits. Please ensure that you have enough time to play off your entry along with any Re-buys or Continues you may choose to purchase! The tournament slot is the Shoot slot, and below is an overview of its playing structure and base and bonus game features.

Continue Options – You can purchase no more than five Continue options when taking part in this Reels de Janeiro slot tournament. You will be charged €15 for each one you purchase and will be given a total of 30,000 additional tournament credits and 10 minutes additional play time for each one purchased.

Rebuy Options – With entrants being able to take up to 500 Re-buys each, you may be tempted to take a few of them should you not amass a high enough score on your initial entry. When you purchase a Rebuy your previous score is deleted and for an additional €20 fee you get to take another entry. A total of 50,000 tournament credits are given to you and you have 15 minutes of play time for each Rebuy purchased.

Prize Pool Allocation – The €175,000 prize pool is going to be won by those entrants finishing in the top 75 positions. Those players finishing in the top five positions each win €10,000. Entrants finishing in the next five positions will each win €7,500.

€5,000 is awarded to player’s finishing in positions 11 to 15 which and all players in positions 16 to 20 will each win €3750. The remaining prize pool allocation will see players ending in positions 21 to 25 each being awarded €2500 and those finishing up in positions 26 to 30 each being awarded €1750.

The ten players in positions 31 to 40 each win €1000, with entrants ending in positions 41 to 45, 46 to 50, 51 to 57, 58 to 63, 64 to 69 and 70 to 75 each winning €800, €600, €400, €200, €150 and €100 respectively.

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Tournament Slot

The 50 payline, 5 reel Shoot slot game is the one that is attached to MicroGaming’s network wide Reels de Janeiro slot tournament. Being a World Cup themed slot game then it is of course an ideal slot for this tournament!

You are going to be able to play this Shoot tournament slot with one to all fifty of its available paylines in play per spin, and you can also play from one to twenty coins per payline. Obviously the reason you will enter this tournament is for you to win as much as is possible in the quickest amount of time and finish on a prize paying position on the leader board, and as such you should play for maximum bet spins (1000 coins) on each spin you set into play!

The base game jackpot is worth a total of 7500 coins, when playing one coin per payline. However during the bonus feature round you could win a total of 619,000 coins, which if you do manage to win the maximum payout during the bonus feature round that should catapult you up the leader board quite rapidly!

The bonus game on this Shoot slot is triggered when three, four or five of the Bonus Scatter symbols appear in view on the base game screen. Being Scatters the bonus game can be won and triggered irrespective of the number of paylines or coins set into play per spin.

When triggered you will be presented with a bonus screen on which 12 cards will be laid out in a grid like formation, You have to select just four of these cards and once selected they will be flipped over and will reveal one of three different things.

You could win a set of coins which are added up and awarded at the end of the bonus game feature or you could reveal a Free Spins symbol which then moves you onto a free spins bonus game feature or you could reveal a Magazine Bonus symbol which also moves you onto a second picking game.

The free spins bonus game can award you with 10 to 35 free spins which come with x2 multipliers in play so all winning combinations formed will be worth double their usual payout amounts. These free spins cannot be re-triggered as they are all playing off!

If you reveal a Magazine Bonus symbol then you will be presented with a new bonus screen and upon that screen will be 12 Magazine symbols laid out on the bonus screen. You have to select one at a time in the hope you do not reveal a Red Card but instead reveal a cash amount.

There are just two Red Cards that can be revealed during this Magazine Bonus feature round and therefore 10 random cash amounts can be won in total. Should you reveal a Red Card then each cash amount you didn’t manage to win you will be awarded with a bonus payout worth x1 the amount you wagered on the base game that triggered the bonus feature round.

Due to the amount of time it can take you to play off this potential multi round bonus feature game, you should try and make your selection on the picking game as quickly as you can, to avoid wasting time! The amount you wager on the base game spin will also have an effect on how much you can win on both the pick to win games and also the free spins bonus feature round!


Slot Tournament Playing Strategy

There are several ways to play off your entry in any online slot tournament. The most obvious is of course to simply click on the Spin button as quickly as you can in the hope of getting as many spins in before the timer reaches zero!

However as there is such a huge prize pool on offer on this Reels de Janeiro tournament we have put together a small collection of hints and tips for you to consider, whilst we cannot guarantee that you are going to amass a huge prize winning score when taking your turn in it, by knowing how savvy tournament players utilize their entry optimally this may give you a few pointers in regards to how you can give this tournament your best shot!

When to Play – As there are several Freeroll Satellite tournaments being held in the run up to the Reels de Janeiro tournament going live, if you do discover such a tournament being offered then you should try and register to take part in it. Be aware that being free to enter the number of places available are guaranteed to get filled very quickly!

You are also able to register an Alias to take part in the MicroGaming network wide slot tournaments at each casino offering them, and as such this does of course mean you could enter these Freerolls under a different Alias at each casino, which will increase your chances of winning a free entry into the main event!

Be aware that you should avoid taking your entry into the Reels de Janeiro tournament in the first few minutes of the tournament going live. In the past entrants into major slot tournaments have noticed that there is often a lag between you clicking the Spin button on the slot and the reels finally coming to a rest.

This is due to the volume of players taking their respective turn in the tournament in the opening minutes of the tournament overwhelming the server. So wait a good few hours at least before you take your entry so as not to experience this lag which reduces the number of slot spins you can make in your allocated 15 minutes of play time!

Stake per Spin – You can wager a minimum of 1 tournament coin or up to 1000 tournament coins per spin on the Shoot slot game when taking you entry into this slot tournament. You are best advised to play the maximum bet of 1000 coins per spin. This will give you the best chance of hitting a sizable winning combination whilst also ensuring you do not end up with credits left over when the timer reaches zero!

Slot Bonus Features – The Shoot slot game boasts a pick to win type of bonus game, when triggered you need to play it off as quickly as possible as the tournament timer will be ticking away and you do not want to waste time thinking about which cards you are going to pick off the bonus screen!

Continues and Rebuy Options – As you have the option of paying an additional fee to either carry on playing once your initial entry has been taken via the Continue option, or you can have that initial entry wiped cleaned and retake your entry by purchasing a Rebuy option, this does give you a few additional decisions that you will have to consider.

As you are only allowed to purchase a maximum of 5 Continues and as you are going to have to pay €10 to take this option then only choose to carry on playing from where you left off if you have amassed a large score. You should only take one of these Continue options if you currently hold a high placing on the leader board and you have a good chance of increasing your total score which could move you up a few positions on the leader board!

Re-buys are to be treated with caution, once again an additional fee is required to retake your entry into the tournament, and in the first few weeks of the tournament it will be pointless you taking these options as fellow entrants may not have taken their turn in it.

Only consider taking the Rebuy options when the vast majority of entrants have taken their turn in this tournament for this will allow you to check out the leader board and see who the highest scoring players are and this will give you the ability to work out what you chances are of scoring a high enough score on the leader board.

If those players currently listed on the leader board have huge scores, then it is very unlikely that you are going to match or beat their scores with your Rebuy options!