Germany vs Algeria


Germany vs Algeria Betting Preview & Tips

Germany, who have the second best chance of winning the world cup, are about to face Algeria and start their play-off or top 16 journey. According to trends, this isn’t close to the most popular top 16 match-ups, but I’m sure German and Algerian spectators will be all over this game, when it starts.

Keep on reading to find a betting preview for Germany vs Algeria along with the best odds for this game, brought to you by Bovada Sportsbook.


Germans are one of the few teams that actually showed quality of play that was expected from them. Neither Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, England or Italy did with the latter two not even making the top 16 round.

Opening match was a dream for Germany, as they beat one of their strongest European rivals, Portugal. Beat is an understatement, they drove a tank over them scoring 4 goals and giving up 0!

They didn’t continue with high scoring like this in their next two games, as they drawn against Ghana (2:2) and ended up having a minimal lead vs United States (1:0).

The team is packed with stars and superstars like Mesut Ozil, Miroslav Klose, Thomas Muller and one of the best goalies in the world, Manuel Neuer. There’s everything needed for Germans to win the World Cup in 2014. According to bookmakers, they are massive favorites to win this game with odds currently set at 1.40 (-250).

 Bet on Germany to Win This Game >>> <<< Odds of -250 Offered 


Algeria qualifying is sort of a surprise, simply due to the fact that group H of whom this team was a part of, wasn’t all that simple. They had Belgium, Russia and South Korea to face, all of whom seemed stronger than Algeria ”on paper”.

They didn’t have a dream start either, after losing in a tight match to Belgium 1:2. This wasn’t that big of a deal, as Belgians were favorites to take top spot in this group anyway.

Then Algerians moved on to beat Korea in a high scoring game with 4:2 to move on and play the most important game in their tournament so far, against Russia. Algerians needed at least draw in this one, while Russians had to win in order to qualify. Final score of 1:1 simply mean’t that Algeria will move on to top 16 and face Germany, while Russian team had to pack their bags and go home.

Bookmakers have set the betting line at 11 to 1 (+1000), in regards to Algeria winning this game.

 Bet on Algeria to Win This Game >>> <<< Odds of +1000 Offered 

Prediction and Betting Tips

With Germans being so powerful this year, I’m backing then at 1.40 (-250) without thinking twice. I wouldn’t consider betting on Algeria to win, since they really don’t stand a chance here.

Another good bet is ”Over 2.5 Goals”, which means that you’d predict 3 or more goals scored in the game. This bet offers odds of 1.60 (-166). US Players should bet with, while EU players can check out any of three bookies I’ve listed below.

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