Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better Video Poker Variants

jacks or betterThere was a time when playing Video Poker online meant that you had only one type of each variant at your disposal, however as the years have ticked by and with more and more casino game designers coming online the range of games they have on offer have naturally grown and expanded which does of course mean you are now going to find several different variants on offer, many of which are based on just one game.

Microgaming for example have by far and away the largest collection of Video Poker games offered via their instant play and downloadable gaming platforms which many online casinos utilize, and if it is the Jacks or Better Video Poker game which heads your list of Video Poker games you enjoy playing, then there are now several different variants on offer.

Below you will find a listing and complete overview of each of Microgaming’s many Jacks or Better game variants, which you will find offered at any casino sites using their gaming platforms. Do have a good look through these available game variants as each of them have their own playing structures and the usual high payout percentages that Microgaming games are famed for!

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Single Hand Jacks or Better The pay table which you are going to find on Microgaming’s standard Jacks or Better Video Poker game will return, over the long term, a payout percentage of 99.54% which does make is something of an appealing game to players and one that should, thanks to that very high payout percentage, give you plenty of entertainment and winning opportunities.

The aim of any Video Poker game variant is for you to end any one game played with any of the pay table listed hand combinations, and dependent on how many coins you activated to play that winning hand the respective payouts listed on the pay table is awarded to you.

Be aware that when playing this Jacks or Better game variant when playing 5 coins the jackpot value paid for a Royal Flush hand in any matching suit is enhanced in value, so a maximum bet hand should always be set into play.

Jacks or Better Power Poker – Microgaming also have on offer a range of multi hand Video Poker games, these go by the name of the Power Poker series of Video Poker games and when you wish to play more than one hand per game you are able to do so by selecting one of these variants of Jacks or Better video poker game.

You will find Microgaming have on offer a 4 hand, a 10 hand, a 50 hand as well as a 100 hand version of their Jacks or Better game so when you are looking to get through as many hands per session then those games are the ones you will be looking to play.

Level Up Jacks or Better – One Jacks or Better Video Poker game variant that is going to appeal to many players is the Level Up Jacks or Better game which is one of Microgaming’s most recent games to be added to their gaming suite, however this game does come with a completely new playing structure which you will need to be fully aware of before you start to play the game online!

The Jacks or Better Level Up Video Poker game requires you to place a stake of four times the standard amount you would when playing a single hand on their standard variant of this game, so if you are for example wishing to play 5 coin hands with the coin valued set at 1.00 then you need to place a wager of 5 x 1.00 x 4 = 20.00 to play one game of Level Up Poker.

You may be wondering why you have to place a wager four times as large as when you are playing their standard Jacks or Better game, well this is due to the way this game is structured. You initially get dealt out your five base hand cards and can then, as normal, select which cards to hold and which to discard and then those cards you discard are replaced.

Should you form a winning combination then you are awarded the respective winning payout, and the game then moves onto stage two of the game, this is where you play another hand of Video Poker and if that hand is a winning one any hand in the game combination formed is paid out at x2 the usual game pay table listed payouts.

A second winning hand will then move you onto the third stage of the game and any winning hand combination formed on that stage of the game sees the winning payouts boosted in value by x4, the final stage of the game is then played out and any winning hand combination formed on this stage of the stage of the game gets its payout boosted by x8!

SupaJax Progressive Game – The SupaJax Video Poker game uses Microgaming’s Jacks or Better pay table with one major difference, and this is that there is an additional card in play in the deck which is a SupaJax card.

You will receive all of the usual Jacks or Better winning payouts when playing it, however the game uses fixed coin values which means you can play from one to five coins fixed at 1.00, and instead of a five coin Royal Flush hand paying 4000 coins on the standard Jacks or Better game variant this game awards a payout of 3000 coins.

However there is an additional payout listed on the SupaJax games pay table and this is for being dealt out four Jacks along with the SupaJax card, when you get such a hand dealt out to you if you are playing 5 coin hands then you will win the progressive jackpot which is displayed on the jackpot ticker located at the top of the SupaJax game screen.

Failure to place the maximum 5 coins per hand wager when playing this SupaJax game will see you not being awarded any payout when that four Jacks and a SupaJax hand combination is dealt out to you!

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