Stravaganza-150x150Stravaganza is a modern casino game, and much of its history is shrouded in mystery. Stravaganza isn’t a commonly offered game in many land based casinos. So, don’t expect to be able to find it in every casino in Las Vegas! However, certain online casino software developers have released their own versions of Stravaganza. So, as long as you’re playing at an online casino that offers a decent number of table games from specific casino software developers, you should be able to play the game online.


As with any table game, the player must first place a bet before they can commence play. Players must place a wager in the “Play” marker. When they do that, the game begins. Generally speaking, Stravaganza doesn’t have to cost a fortune to play.

How to play Stravaganza

The basic goal of Stravaganza is quite similar to blackjack. The biggest difference is that there is no limit on how many points you can score. Therefore, you cannot go bust. Once the bet has been made, two cards are dealt out to the player, with the house having three face down cards in their hand. Players must then make a decision, based on the cards that they have.

The first decision is to claim your money back. You may only do this if you have a point’s total of 5 or less. You may decide to rescue your bet, instead. When you do this, you are claiming half of your bet back, but this is only possible with a hand that is worth between 6 and 9 points. This is similar to the Surrender Rule in some blackjack games.

You may choose to sit. When you do this, you are sticking with your two card hand, and the bet will not be adjusted. This can only be done with a hand of 10 points or more. If you decide to play on, you will be given a third card to add to your hand. If a player does take a third card, they must place an additional bet on the table, which is equal to their original ante bet. Sometimes, it isn’t always advantageous to take the third card.

After everybody has made their move, the hands are compared. The hand with the highest points total will win the game. If there is a tied score, the bets are pushed and wagers are returned to players.

Play Free

Below you can play a completely free version of Stravaganza. It’s the exact version available at many PlayTech casinos. Please allow up to 1 minute for the game to load!

Play Stravaganza For Real Money Here:

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Card points

In Stravaganza, the point’s values of the cards work in much the same way as they do in blackjack. The 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 cards all count for their respective numerical point values. All of the face cards (Jack, Queen and King) count as 10s. The Ace is only worth 1 point in Stravaganza, unlike in blackjack where it can also be worth 11 points.

The Red Ace rule

Without the Red Ace rule, there wouldn’t be much of a house edge in Stravaganza. So, the Red Ace rule rectifies that matter. But what is it? The Red Ace rule means that if a red Ace is turned over in the dealer’s hand (Ace of Hearts or Diamonds), the player loses their bets. This rule is not often applied to progressive Stravaganza games, though.

Progressive Stravaganza games

Some Stravaganza games contain progressive jackpots. Whether or not you win progressive jackpots playing Stravaganza, depends on what your hand consists of. 30 points or more, Three of a Kind (5s to 10s), Three of a Kind (Jacks to Kings), a Three Face Card Flush and Three Kings of Hearts are usually all progressive jackpot paying prizes in Stravaganza.

House Edge

Most Stravaganza games that are played with 5 decks of cards generally carry a 2.27% house edge. However, this house edge is usually reserved for Playtech’s Stravaganza games. Other games may not have quite the same house edge.


Both ante bet and play on bets are paid out at 1:1, if the player’s hand outranks the dealers. If the player has three face cards (Jacks to Kings) without a Three of a Kind, some Stravaganza games will also pay-out 1.5:1 odds for this winning hand. In the result of a push, the player’s bets are returned to them.

Progressive jackpot games of Stravaganza will usually see a player pocket 10:1 for any hand with over 30 points. A Three of a Kind (5s to 10s) will normally see the player win 50:1, whilst a Three of a Kind (Jacks to Kings) is generally worth a pay-out of 100:1. Players can often win 10% of the progressive jackpot if they win with three of the same face cards, whilst the entire progressive jackpot will be paid if a player wins with 3 Kings of Hearts.

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