Keno Bonuses

Online Keno Bonus Guide

KenoKeno is similar to playing the lottery every few seconds by the touch of the button. Unlike the Game Kings (YouTube Link) that are available in all betting shops, online casinos allow players to pick up to 15 numbers. The option of betting more numbers allows players to have a higher chance of winning. Standard bar tops machines only allow players to choose ten numbers max. The most popular keno games in casinos are Caveman Keno and Power Keno. Caveman allows a player to choose up to 10 numbers. Three Caveman bonus spots are chosen at random. If your chosen numbers hit then you will receive 4x your winnings if two of three Caveman spots hit. You will win 10x your win if all three hit. The difference between playing lotto and this game is that the player can see their numbers with the touch of a button. Another clear advantage that players have is that lotto games typically have a payback of 50%. The worst keno payback is 80%, but most games pay back 90% or more. Keno players will win 60-80% more and will be able to play the game faster than their lotto counterparts.

To The Promotions

In a casino these games have a high house edge. Online casinos allow it to be played for virtually every sign up offer due to this house edge. Keep in mind that just because the game is allowed for a house bonus it does not mean that it is a good game to play. Players that take advantage of rewards that allow partial clearing through lower edge games may find themselves in a situation to have to clear the remainder through keno or slots. I prefer to clear these types of promos through keno because of the disclosure of odds. Slot paybacks are not clear in any way because the weight of symbols is not usually clear from looking at the rules. Keno players will always be able to figure out the math on their game from looking at the paybacks. Most bonuses will offer a clear rate of 25x. This means that for every $25 wagered $1 of the bonus will be cleared. Keno games will often have a 10% or greater house advantage. This means that there is no way to clear the bonus and have a return greater than the risk. Unless you love the game I suggest avoiding playing as there are games with a lower house edge.

Final Note: Only Play Under Certain Conditions

Keno games are typically among the worst games that online casinos have to offer. I suggest avoiding these games at all costs unless you are able to justify the expected loss as entertainment. Keen players will see infrequent big wins among large streaks of losses. This is standard for all high edge games. You should not play this game unless you are properly bankrolled and willing to accept that you will lose far more often than win, even after accounting for the large occasional win.