Costa Rica vs Greece

Costa Rica vs Greece Betting Preview and Tips

This is absolutely the most unexpected pairing in this year World Cup top 16 – Costa Rica are facing Greece. While maybe some predicted that Greece could have a shot at getting out of the group, I doubt anyone who follows soccer could predict that Ticos will win group D, with Uruguay, England and Italy with them. I’ll be more straight forward – pretty sure anyone, who would predict the scenario that actually happened, before the World Cup, should be called a monkey or simply advised to get some medical help!

It’s reality though and Costa Ricans are now facing Greece in the round of 16. The Greeks managed to claim second place in group C, after a pretty weird penalty was given to them late in a game against Ivory Coast. Anyhow, lets see how these two teams match up against each other.

Costa Rica

Ticos were given some of the worst odds for winning the World Cup from all teams participating of 751 to 1! Meaning a $1 wager would return you $751 if they really would win. Well, they still have a chance to do it, that’s for sure.

Sensations with this team started in the opening game of group D, where Costa Rica beat Uruguay 3:1. Okay, everyone gets lucky once in a while, right? CostaRicans must be pretty damn lucky, since they also won against Italy in their next game 1:0. Italians were considered clear favorites to finish 1st in this group.

In their last game, Ticos drew 0:0 against England and sent them packing their bags, while finishing with 7 points and 1st place in their own group. In three games, Costa Ricans scored 4 goals while trailing only 1 against Uruguay.

Their group performance led to bookmakers completely changing betting lines associated with them and this also includes their next game versus Greece, in which Ticos are favorites to win. You can back them at 2.45 (+145).

 Bet On Costa Rica to Win >>> <<< Odds of +145 


Greeks got fairly lucky with the draw in a way that they avoided any of the apparently unbeatable teams like Argentina or Brazil. They were drawn in group C with Japan, Ivory Coast and Colombia all of whom were teams Greece could definitely fight with and well, they did exactly that!

In their opening game, Greeks took a big beating from Colombians 0:3, who also ended up crushing everyone in the group and claiming the top spot.

Next was a draw with Japan 0:0 and an exciting last game versus Ivory Coast that was their ticket into top 16, if they would manage to win. It was extra added time already with score of 1:1 when a penalty shot was awarded, which Greeks scored and won 2:1.

According to bookmakers, Greece is a little underdog in this game, but they definitely have a shot against Costa Rica. I’m sure they would be considered quite big favorites before the World Cup in a matchup like this.

 Bet On Greece to Win >>> <<< Odds of +225 

Prediction & Tip

Greece definitely have a chance here, but it could be that Costa Ricans have simply been playing too well (and will likely continue to do so) for Greeks to win this. I vote for Costa Rica to win this in full time, which can be bet on at odds of 2.45 (+145) with Bovada.

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