Aladdin’s Gold Casino Bonus Codes

Everyone knows that a genie can grant you three wishes, and most of us would be tempted to use at least one of those wishes on great wealth. While Aladdin’s Gold Casino may not have any actual genies available for use, they do offer some fantastic bonus offers that – combined with a little luck – could allow you to build a fortune of your own!

Aladdin’s Gold Bonus Offers

One of the things that has made Aladdin’s Gold such a successful casino is their huge bonus offer that’s available to new players. In this bonus, players are entitled to a 200% bonus on every deposit they make during the first seven days after they join the site.

While that sounds impressive on its own, it’s even better when you realize that the Aladdin’s Gold welcome bonus is a truly unlimited bonus. Not only can you take the bonus on as many deposits as you like, but there’s no limit on the total bonus amount. No matter how much you deposit, you can keep getting that 200% matching bonus money until the end of your first week as a member of the casino.

So, what’s the catch? Actually, none of the terms and conditions are unusually harsh, and most of the requirements you’ll have to meet will be familiar to you if you’ve cleared other casino bonuses. First, it’s worth noting that this is a “sticky” bonus, rather than a cashable bonus. This means that you can’t actually cash out the bonus money you’ve been given; however, you can keep any money you win using that bonus cash. At the end of your bonus period, the amount of the bonus will be deducted from your account, but anything beyond that is yours to keep.

In order to take clear this bonus offer, you’ll need to meet a wagering requirement equal to 20 times the combined amount of your deposit and the bonus. In other words, for a $100 deposit with a $200 bonus ($300 total), you’d need to make $6,000 in wagers before you could cash out your winnings. In addition, your game selection will be somewhat limited while clearing this bonus; according to the terms and conditions, you are only permitted to play slot machines, keno and scratch cards until you’ve met the wagering requirement if you wish to take this bonus.

However, there is an alternative bonus offer for those who wish to play a wider variety of games. In this bonus, you’ll receive a 100% matching bonus that is once again unlimited during your first week of play. In fact, this bonus is quite similar to the standard 200% bonus, with two exceptions. First, the wagering requirement is higher, as you must wager 50 times the amount of your deposit and bonus before you can cash out. Secondly, you’ll be allowed to play most games in the casino, with the exceptions of baccarat, craps, roulette and sic bo.

Other Promotions at Aladdin’s Gold

At Aladdin’s Gold, the bonuses don’t stop just because you’ve been at the casino for a while. Players can get unlimited bonuses anytime they like with two different bonus offers, each of which covers a different type of game.

If you’re content with sticking to slots, keno, and scratch card games, you can take advantage of a 65% bonus anytime you like by using the coupon code SLOTS65. For players who want to play blackjack, video poker or table games, there’s an unlimited 55% bonus available by using the coupon code OTHERGAMES55. In addition, a number of special promotions are run from time to time, and can range from limited time bonus offers to free spins on slots and other deals.

As you play at Aladdin’s Gold, you’ll also find yourself building up comp points. For every $10 you wager in the casino, you’ll earn a single comp point. Earn 100 comp points, and you’ll be able to convert those points into $1 in cash that’s added right into your casino account. There are also special promotions where you can earn comp points at a much faster rate by playing specific games or by playing at certain times. For instance, comp points are automatically doubled on all progressive jackpot games!

Software and Games at Aladdin’s Gold

Aladdin’s Gold is powered by Real Time Gaming. RTG is known as one of the oldest and most reliable casino software providers, and offers a huge selection of games to their casino operators. Perhaps the best known of the RTG games are the real series slot machines, which feature a variety of themed games that use the same basic framework, but feature different special rounds, symbols, and payout styles.

But Aladdin’s Gold has more than just slot machines. You can also play all of your favorite table games here, including several variations on blackjack. In addition, there are over a dozen different video poker games, each of which can be played in single or multi-handed mode. The game selection is rounded out by scratch cards and keno-style games.