Brazil vs Colombia

Brazil vs Colombia World Cup 2014 Betting Preview

Both Brazil and Colombia have had a pretty great World Cup so far and now it’s time to find out who’s the best of these two! This will be a fight for an entry into semi-finals and a chance to play against winner of a pretty sick European matchup – France vs Germany.

Logically, before we get any further, it’s easy to determine that the favorites in this match will be hosts, Brazil. Though, after seeing all three group stage games and the game against Uruguay, I’m quite positive that Colombians are able to do some big things, even against World Cup 2014 favorites. This preview is sponsored by Bovada Sportsbook!


There’s a lot of hype of how Brazilians have already won the world cup, but there’s an equal amount of sceptic people, including myself. Yes, Brazil have showed some good soccer, but it’s not really the dominance we have been used to use from this team.

Of course, we can talk about how all teams have gotten a lot better, but then a good example are Netherlands who beat Spain 5:1! I think it’s more likely that Brazil just isn’t in great shape at the moment as a team and they aren’t such favorites as bookmakers put them to be.

Regardless of what I said just yet, Brazil will be the favorites versus Colombia, no doubt about that! Though, I’d say betting sites will have a hard time setting appropriate odds for this game.

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One of my personal favorite teams and that’s why I might be a little subjective about them, but regardless of that, they have been playing some great soccer in 2014 World Cup. They won all their games in group and scored 9 goals while only trailing 2. Then they managed to beat Uruguay in the first round of Top 16 to advance into quarterfinals against Brazilians.

There’s no doubt that Brazil are favorites in this game, but the real question is what odds are fair and where can you get some value by betting?

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My Prediction

I’m expecting a very tight game with a lot of scoring chances and goals, thus creating some potential for alternative bets. I would think that there’s some longterm value by betting on Colombia, but ” Over 2.5 goals” is a definitive valuebet. Place this wager at