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2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil

We are closing in on one of the most popular sports competitions in the world – the world cup of football (soccer), which takes place from 12 June to 13 July. The host country this time is Brazil, who will also participate in the tournament themselves. In fact, they are among the favorites to reach the final and win the cup, according to Unibet.

This world cup is special in multiple ways. First, it’s the 20th Fifa World Cup, meaning this will be the 20th consecutive time the tournament runs. Second, competition has not been organized in South America since 1978, when Argentina were the hosts.

The tournament featured a qualification round, where teams from all over the world were competing for an entry into the finals. These stages began in 15 June 2011 and reached an end in 20 November, two years later in 2013.

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Statistics are quite interesting too – 24 out of 32 teams that qualified for the world cup in 2010, when it was held in South Africa (being the first ever African country to host the tournament), also qualified for this years World Cup.

Bosnia and Herzegovina will be having a special time in 2014, as this is the nations first World Cup as an independent country.

The prize pool of the tournament is not only pride and title of being the world champion, but also some serious prize money awards. The top 16 teams will guarantee at least US$ 8 Million each, while the World Cup winners will receive US$ 35 Million!

Participating Teams

Below you will see an overview of the 32 teams in total, that have qualified for this years World Cup in Brazil. For the first time since 2002, there are no teams representing OFC (oceanian nations).

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Round of 16

The winners of each group as well as the runner up team will move forward to the knockout stage, also known as the round of 16, since that is the amount of teams making it. Sixteen teams will compete against each other with the winners moving on to quarter finals, semi-finals and finals. In all of these stages, there are 30 minutes of extra time, if the scores are level after 90 minutes. If no team scores or it is still a draw after these, a penalty shootout occurs and the winning team is determined.

Featured Players

World Cup brings together the finest soccer players in the world, so we have also gathered some information on the so called star players that you can view below. This listing is based on our subjective point of view so don’t take it personally, if we haven’t included someone you consider a superstar.

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Schedule Of Games

The host country always participates in the opening game and this World Cup will be no exception, with Brazil facing Croatia on 12 June 2014, starting at 17:00 (Brazilian Official Time: UTC-3). The last group stage game takes place on 26 June 2014 at 17:00, when Algeria will face Russia.

Knockout stage is scheduled to start on June 28, when the winner of group A will face the runner up team from group B. Who might that be? We’ve covered a whole lot of betting predictions for the World Cup, so you can check it all out below.

Opening Game – Thursday 12 June

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Friday 13 June

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Saturday 14 June

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Sunday 15 June

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Monday 16 June

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Tuesday 17 June

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Wednesday 18 June

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Thursday 19 June

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Friday 20 June

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Saturday 21 June

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Sunday 22 June

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Monday 23 June

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Tuesday 24 June

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Wednesday 25 June

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Thursday 26 June



Betting & Predictions

The World Cup is organized only once every four years, thus it certainly is a big deal and event in the sports world. We estimate that about 25% of the worlds population will watch at least a single game this year. That number might be astounding in the host country, Brazil, this year.

Enough with the fluff and back to the point. Not only there are millions of spectators, but also millions of people looking to make their game watching experience more exciting. One way to do this is by wagering some money on who will win a particular game or making any other prediction – sports betting, to make it more specific. We’ve already covered every early stage game and will continue to cover the whole World Cup. You can find predictions of a specific game above.

Straight bets isn’t the only way to wager money though and the largest sports books actually have around 2000 – 3000 bets created for this event. Find some of the most interesting below.


Award Winners


Special Bonuses for World Cup Betting

Since the World Cup is a huge sporting event, broadcasted to millions of viewers, this is the time when bookmakers are giving some incredible bonuses to bettors. You should certainly exploit this and NOT limit your betting activities to a single bookmaker. Below you’ll find a list of the best bonuses from bookies for 2014 World Cup in Brazil. We would certainly suggest joining more than one not only for bonuses, but also for finding the best odds on bets you are willing to place!

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