Argentina vs Switzerland

Argentina vs Switzerland Betting Preview and Odds

A matchup that a lot of people are already talking about – Argentina vs Switzerland. First is a team that is among favorites to bring this years World Cup home, while Swiss are an ambitious European team that have already fulfilled their main goal (getting into top 16) and have nothing to lose. That’s exactly what will work in their favor, as argentinians should feel a lot of pressure. It’s expected that this team will reach the finals and win the cup. Anything other than that will be considered a failure.

Continue reading to find my betting predictions for Argentina vs Switzerland along with best odds and betting sites to use for placing wagers on this game or World Cup. This preview is sponsored by Bovada Sportsbook.



One of favorites to win the cup, as I already pointed out before. Team Argentina is simply loaded with stars and superstars as well as the best soccer player in the world – Lionel Messi! Even though they were expected to crush everyone in their group, that’s now what happened.

Team started out with a struggling victory over Bosnia and Herzegovina in their opening game 2:1. The game could of ended much differently, if their rivals would of had a little bit of fortune.

Second and third games weren’t much different, Argentina beat Iran with a minimal 1:0 lead and 3:2 victory over Nigeria. The team really struggled in their last game and didn’t really leave me with a good feeling about them being among favorites in the whole event.

Of course, they are favorites in this game by a long-shot and Swiss will need a small miracle to win. Bookmakers have put the betting line on Argentina at 1.53 to 1 (-188).

 Bet on Argentina to Win >>> <<< Odds of -188 


The Swiss have always been a solid team, not of the highest class, but they played solid soccer. They showed this in their group, where they played together with France, Honduras and Ecuador. Opening match against Ecuador wen’t well and Switzerland won 2:1 only to get a beating from French 2:5. The last game against Honduras was most important of all – if the swiss won, they advanced to top 16 and they did, in spectacular fashion 3:0!

What I like about this team is their consistency – you don’t really see teams that keep their level of play for the whole tournament, since everyone have their ups and downs. Well, Switzerland might be the one team that is closest to achieving stability in this are.

Bookmakers, of course, have them as quite big underdogs in this game. Their chances of winning are converted to betting line of 7 to 1 (+600).

 Bet on Switzerland to Win >>> <<< Odds of +650 

Prediction and Betting Tips

Argentina won’t get any gifts from the Swiss, that’s for sure, but they are a class higher team, so at 1.53 to 1, I’m happily backing them to win this game. You can do so at if you’re from the United States, or any of the bookmakers listed below, if you are not.

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