Argentina vs Iran

Argentina vs Iran World Cup Betting Preview

Team Argentina are ranked in second place among bookmakers, when winners of the whole tournament are being predicted. They are behind only Brazil, who seem to have the best chance of winning, at least according to bookies. That’s understandable, especially given the players they have lined up for this years world cup.

Since this article is written after the first games have been played in Group F, which is exactly what Argentina is a part of, we have the luxury of having seen the team in action.

Argentina faced newbies of the World Cup , Bosnia and Herzegovina, in their opening match and outscored them 2:1. I watched exactly this game personally and can tell you that even though Argentinians won, Bosnia left a great impression as a team and will definitely be among favorites to reach stage of 16, as the second team from this group.

Iran will play their first game versus Nigeria in a couple of hours, as this article is being written on the 16th of June. Obviously, there is no doubt in anyones mind that Argentina are favorites of this match. That doesn’t mean that we cannot find valuable betting lines, though.

Betting On Argentina

The best line on Argentina winning this game is set at 1.16 and can be found on Bet365. I wouldn’t really suggest betting on this one though, as there isn’t much value to be hand.

Over 2.5 goals line has been set at 1.47 and can also be bet on Bet365. This is where there’s definitely value to be had. Argentina is a team filled with extraordinary strikers and goal scoring isn’t a problem in most matches. They had several chances in their first game against Bosnia. We also know that Lionel Messi can create goals from nothing.

Betting on Iran

The line on Iran is set at 41.00, which is obviously high, but does represent a chance of winning that’s only a little higher than 4.7% – should be accurate.

Those of you who want to bet some on Iran drawing with Argentina, can do so at Unibet with odds of 7.00

Top Bookies To Bet With

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